The Something Out Of A Dream Collection showcases not just new products but a new lifestyle this season. The essence for Spring/Summer is fresh, fun-filled and packed with happiness and positivity. A true representation of Clickon Furniture

To us, the design and style of our pieces isn’t where it stops. Clickon Furniture is more than just furniture, we are a design and lifestyle brand. We care and strive for what is beyond this and we go that step further. We consider the lifestyle involved with each piece at Clickon Furniture, help to curate and design our products in the spaces and homes of our clients and allow for our products to not only become a part of, but contribute and enhance lives and lifestyles at home. To us, this is what is important and this is what we’re all about.

We wanted something vibrant, fresh and modern - not just visually but in terms of the overall approach, the methodology and the lifestyle we are bringing you this season. This is really what we are all about. We incorporated this mantra of ours, with an overall bright, clean and luxe feel to achieve the look of this collection. We want you to be able to imagine yourself in a space, for it to be achievable and approachable, so you can picture the pieces in your house and envision your life within it. We create something for everyone, able to be personalised and tailored to you.

Another thing at the heart of our company is animals. Our beloved four-legged friends hang out with us at work every Friday - Bring Your Pet To Work Day. We like to mix a bit of fun with work, and we care for animals, fostering and welfare. Pam the alpaca, Moo the sheep, a couple of baby goats and a few friendly parrots got involved in our latest campaign and helped highlight our favourite pieces. We are incredibly thrilled to be able to contribute to the farm that helps foster these animals and does such amazing work. It was incredible experience for all involved and helped us to bring you something a bit special.

What is so unique about this collection, is that it is completely handpicked by us. We are the miracle makers of Clickon Furniture, the team that creates, curates and assembles everything we stand for as a design brand and company. This creative story consists of many characters, all of which contribute in their areas of expertise to generate this vision, participate in the journey and make it a reality.

Sneaker BOSS Ivan Yoong

Creative QUEEN Rain Shin

Inspiration LEADER Harrison Wood

Product ANGEL Winston Wijaya

Design QUEEN  Adelle Drury

Style GURU Lora Alakus

MAGIC Capturer Elise Scott

Photography Dan and Ben from Lampoluce

Partners British paints, Godfrey Hirst & The Wall Sticker Company